2D Browsing: Easily Switch Between Multiple Windows And Tabs [Chrome]

Switching between multiple windows and tabs can every now and then be a pain, especially when you need to work with numerous either. Also, searching for a particular tab in multiple open ones can just be too annoying. 2D Browsing, a Google Chrome extension, simply adds a separate tab browsing panel to the left of your browser, which lets you quickly and easily switch between multiple windows and tabs. Furthermore, you’ll… Read Article →

Text Review: Compare Two Similar Pieces Of Code Or Plain Text [Web]

If you’re a developer, chances are high that you’d have had the want to find out the difference of a div, character or tag between two almost-identical sets of lengthy codes. CSS files, in particular, can go very long, and it would be a tedious task to manually compare them. Text Review, a web application, can be of great help in one of these case. It simply overlays one section… Read Article →

Google Flights: Find & Book Flights With The Cheapest Fares [Web]

Yet another useful web service by Google, Google Flights allows travellers to search for cheap air fares for different destinations in the US. Users can also search by different airlines that are flying on different dates. To get the rates of different airlines, select your destination, and Google Flights will can help you filter results by date, duration and price. Flight results change as you apply different filters. Furthermore, it allows you to… Read Article →

Stypi Lets You Chat & Code In Real-Time By Sharing A URL [Web]

There are many chat clients for desktop out there like Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger and Skype that allow you to chat with your friends. Even though they all are moderately useful, the requirement to download and install in your system and then register with them takes too much time. Other than that, the person you need to chat with also needs to be registered with the same chat service… Read Article →

AppAppeal: Find The Right Web App By Reading Professional Reviews [Web]

Web applications have gained immense popularity over the past few years, and you’re going to come across a massive collection of a wide variety of web apps online, this means that finding the right web app can be a difficult task. AppAppeal is a handy tool that helps you discover new web apps and find other useful ones. AppAppeal offers detailed and up-to-date reviews of web applications that can assist… Read Article →

How To Enable Stacked Tab Feature In Chrome For Better Tab Management

I’ve used Firefox as my primary web browser for years. It’s rather fast and functional, but for some reason throughout its last few updates, things didn’t turn out rather well, leaving me no other choice than to make a permanent switch to Google Chrome. And I’m glad I did. Chrome is even quicker than Firefox and simply has more extensions and better developers give a boost to. However, if there’s… Read Article →

Helium Adds Weather, Bookmarks and Reddit Feed To New Tab Page [Chrome]

I am not a fan of Google’s default  ‘New Tab’ page in Chrome. The search bar is quite useful and all, Google’s flat logo looks nice and the small Speedial-esque thumbnails are handy to quickly launch websites I often wish to visit, but everything else about it has all the time been slightly inutile. Previously, we’ve covered a truckload of extensions for Chrome that beef up on the new tab by… Read Article →

Pin Tabs In Firefox Browser

The recent version of Google Chrome browser now allows users to pin tabs. Just right-click any tab and select Pin Tab. This feature used to be one of the vital many that urged users to migrate to Chrome, but now you’ll in the end get it in Firefox too. Pin Tab is the new add-on for Firefox that allows users to pin any tab throughout a session. Update: Pin Tabs… Read Article →

Top 10 Security Addons For Firefox

Firefox is growing faster than what most experts estimated, the number of users using it is now more than the entire US population. At the same time the number of malicious websites is also growing at an astonishing rate.  The online security is vital, lets see what can be done to make your Firefox safer to offer protection to you from online hacking, theft, fraud, etc. By default the Firefox… Read Article →

TwitTV – Watch Videos Associated With Trending Topics On Twitter

What trends on Twitter doesn’t all the time make sense; if you gained a follower every time #whyimsingle trended on Twitter, you might just make it to the top 100 most popular people on Twitter (estimate is based on the level of annoyance with the #whyimsingle trend). While a large number of weird things might trend on the popular micro blogging site, some trends are worth paying attention to, particularly… Read Article →